Rawalpindi - City Traffic Police (CTP) have launched official website to facilitate the citizens, who can now access the website (www.ctprwp.gop.pk).

Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Rawalpindi Shoaib Khurram Janbaz said now the citizens can get information about the traffic rules and regulations, traffic sectors, traffic licensing system, fines on traffic rules violations, traffic rules awareness programmes, training, meetings, workshops and all other details on the website. He said that it was very important for the motorists to go through basic traffic rules to avoid accidents. The CTO said that the citizens could also download every kind of driving forms from the website. He said the traffic police are striving to achieve best standards and practices of traffic management in the town.

 He said that the website will provide information about public complaint registration, road safety, accident data and structural information about the traffic police department. He said that the website is to facilitate the traffic police against modern day challenges.