KARACHI- With winds estimated up to 105mph, Cyclone Nilofar has gained immense strength in the Arabian Ocean, about 750 miles south- southwest of Karachi, The Weather Channel reported.

The strength of the cyclone has intensified and is now said to be equivalent to that of a hurricane. This is evident from the wind speed which, initially 90-100 Knots, is gusting up to 110 Knots.

The Pakistan Meteorological Department has now changed the classification of the cyclone from ‘severe’ to ‘very severe’.

Continuing its journey, the cyclone would move in a northwest direction today with a speed of 6km/hour and its arrival in the adjoining coastal areas of lower Sindh and Indian Gujrat is expected on Wednesday.

The lower Sindh region including Karachi and coastal areas of Balochistan should expect to receive widespread rain and heavy showers. Heavy rain and showers will be accompanied by strong gusty winds, between Wednesday and Friday.

Also, between Wednesday and Friday, the Pakistan coast will experience very rough sea conditions.

Sindh and Balochistan fishermen have been advised to abstain from venturing out into open seas from Wednesday onward. Those already in open sea are advised to return to coastal areas before Wednesday.