LAHORE (PR): Executing on growing the presence of renewable energy around the world, GE (NYSE: GE) today announced it will supply equipment and procurement contractor HydroChina and wind farm customer Sapphire with 33 GE 1.5-82.5 wind turbines for the Sapphire Wind Power farm in the southeastern Pakistani province of Sindh, located outside the provincial capital of Karachi. GE will also provide 10 years of operations and maintenance services as part of the contract.

The 33 wind turbines will comprise the first GE powered wind farm in Pakistan and will be constructed in the Gharo-Keti Bandar Wind Corridor. The wind farm has the capacity to generate 50 MW of electricity, helping Pakistan meet the 5 percent goal it has set for percentage of electricity generation from renewable sources by 2030.

Though this is GE’s first wind energy project with Sapphire and HydroChina, Sapphire has selected GE power generation equipment for more than 18 years—choosing GE’s Jenbacher engines and gas turbines for projects located in the region.