ISLAMABAD- Supreme Court (SC) has ordered for providing full medical facilities to the lawyers, who were injured and disabled during attack on F-8 Kutchery Islamabad besides seeking report in this regard from interior ministry till November, 12.

The court also ordered for providing Justice Shaukat Siddiqui report to the petitioner. Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Nasir ul Mulk remarked it is responsibility of the government to provide medical facilities to the injured lawyers.

A 3-member bench of SC presided over by the CJP Nasir ul Mulk took up F-8 Kutchery attack case for hearing today. Deputy Attorney General (DAG) Sajid Bhatti and lawyers counsel Mohsin Kiani appeared in the court. DAG while presenting the report told the court compensation amounting to Rs 75000 was paid to the injured lawyers each.

Mohsin Kiani said it was not enough and handsome amount is being spent on daily treatment. Roy Azam and Aam Mukhtar advocate have gone disabled completely being critically injured, he added.

CJP inquired form Mohsin Kiani if he has contacted Pakistan Bar Council (PBC). Kiani said PBC has not sufficient funds.