The district has problems galore in spite of the fact that two MNAs and five MPAs belong to the ruling party, said the leaders of various organisations and common public.

Corruption and bribe culture have penetrated into all the government departments and common man can't think of relief without paying gratification to officials concerned, said the leader of a traders' body.

Markazi Anjuman Tajran Head Sheikh Ikhlaq alleged that 90 percent of funds went in the pockets of contractors and their bosses, and only 10pc funds were spent on the development projects. Litigants have to be dragged for long periods for justice, he said.

"Piles of garbage are seen in and around city. Encroachments are on the rise. Even main roads are half occupied by illegal encroachments; Sanitation is not being done regularly. Roads give a look of ruins. Traffic jams in the city is a routine. Traders indulge in profiteering with impunity. In farming sector irrigation system is deteriorating due to lack of maintenance. Canals and irrigation channels are not de-silted and as result water overflows their banks," the local people regretted.

They added, "The shareholders at tails do not get water. Complaints by farmers do not bear fruit. Same condition is with market to farms and the roads. Land mafia with the backing of local administration has occupied village ponds and the farmers are deprived of the facility. And grants released by government for development and maintenance projects are misused."

The representatives of various civil society organisations said they had met with the DCO, DPO and ADCG and brought these problems into their notice. The officers, however, expressed their inability to solve the problems and said that corrupt persons were patronised by politicians thus they could not take any action against them, the representatives said.

Faithfuls commemorate sacrifice of Imam Hussain: With the beginning of Muharramul Haram, followers of Imam Hussain (RA) started processions and majlis to commemorate the great sacrifice of martyrs of Karbala.

Beginning was marked with holding of procession at the residence of Ali Hassan Shah in Irshad Colony. A large number of mourners participated in procession. They recited soul-stirring elegies and hymns while beating their chest in a spirit of devotion.

At the end, Imam Hussain Langer (cooked food) was served on the mourners. Advocate Mudassar Abbas who led the procession told this scribe that similar processions would be held in all localities of Mandi City at residence of local Shia leaders. Thereafter all the mourners from localities would gather at Ward 5 where they would hold central mourning procession. This practice would continue till 10th Muharram.