ISLAMABAD - The foreign investors visiting Islamabad to participate in the two-day international investment conference have termed Pakistan as the choicest and best place for investment, keeping in view the potential, atmosphere, incentives and investment-friendly policies of the government.

The investors from dozens of countries have gathered here to participate in International Investment Conference aimed at highlighting the investment regime and available opportunities for investment in various sectors of the economy.

Talking to APP the foreign businessmen and investors said that Pakistan had huge potential and anyone from across the global would like to explore it to boost capitals.

More than 350 invitees including 241 foreign investors from all continents of the world — Australia, Bahrain, China, Denmark, France, Finland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, Newzealand, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, UK and USA — are participating in the conference.

“Pakistan is the best choice for investment and there is no country better than it if we think of investment,” foreign delegation head and President and Chief Executive Officer Al-Wasmiya Group of Companies, Bahrain, Khan Mohammad Tanoli said.

He was of the view that Pakistan has been portrayed in unbefitting manner in the world, so activities like this conference will play a great role in building Pakistan’s positive image across the globe.

He said that when Pakistan hosts investment conference next time in future, the number of visiting investors would definitely double.

He said that the foreign media was highlighting only negativities of Pakistan, hence dissuading investors to come to Pakistan. So there is need that we promote the positivities of Pakistan to bring into investments.

“This conference would have very good impact, as the participants, when on their return to native countries, would present the actual image of the country before their countrymen, hence promoting positive image of the country.” He said that the opportunities offered by Pakistan were no where available in any part of the world, so this provides opportunity to the foreigners to come and invest in this country.

“We are very impressed by the hospitality and are feeling safe, confident and secure to explore investment opportunities in this country,” Garry from PASCOE Electricity England told APP.

He said that he was eager to explore investment opportunities and invest in energy sector.

He said that he found Pakistan very different from the image which was being portrayed in the West.

Director Business Development, Cellmec Simply Dependable Bahrain, Hamza M. Ateyatallah was surprised to see the extraordinary arrangements for the investment conference.

Pakistan was the best place for investment, he said, however due to lack of information people were reluctant to come here for investment.

He was of the view that there needed to be continuity of policies to build more confidence among the investors.

He said that the successive government must honor the commitments of the previous governments to win confidence of investors.

Talking about the political situation of Pakistan, Ateyatallah said that there happened to be ups and downs and hoped that Pakistan would overcome all problems and continue its journey towards progress and development.

It is pertinent to mention that the Board of Investment has organized the conference which would conclude on October 28 with proposals and suggestions aimed at promoting investment in the country.