LAHORE - Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) chief Dr Tahirul Qadri left Pakistan for USA and Canada on Monday night and announced to come back on November 16.

Dr Qadri said he changed his schedule to stay in London, which was earlier decided, only after hearing the Punjab Chief Minister’s expected visit to the metropolitan city.

“I will go direct to North America and avoid staying in London to avoid expected rumours for having meeting with Shahbaz Sharif over there,” he said, adding the already false rumours about PAT deal with government surfaced without any proof.

“There was no deal between government and PAT. We want justice on Model Town tragedy. I will give Rs50 million to anybody who will bring any proof of our deal with the government,” he announced and categorically rejected the impression of any agreement with the PML-N government on Model Town tragedy.

Speaking to the journalists, Dr Qadri said a big movement would be started for bringing revolution in the country after Muharram. He said the purpose of his visit to abroad was to reorganise the PAT workers overseas.

“Pakistan Awami Tehreek will play role of real opposition. The problems of the masses will be highlighted and inabilities of the government will be exposed by the campaign after Muharram,” he held.

Dr Qadri will reach Canada on November 13 after staying around two weeks in United States. He will return to Pakistan on November 16.