The incumbent Chief Justice of Pakistan, Hon’ble Mr. Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali is famous for his environment–friendly policies, programmes, intentions and actions in our legal and judicial history.

Those who know him from Hyderabad, a city of culture and civilisation or those who are familiar with his enviable environmental accomplishments and legacy, when he was the Chief Justice of Sindh High Court, they sincerely hope that in his present capacity as the Chief Justice of Pakistan, he would also put in practice his innate commitment to help improve, both, the judiciary and country’s environment.

Pakistan today is facing a plethora of monumental challenges such as religious and sectarian intolerance, extremism, militancy, organised crime and corruption, ethnicity and nepotism, educational terrorism, economic terrorism and above all health and environmental terrorism. The more one explores Pakistan, the more one learns about these crimes against humanity in Pakistan. However, united we stand, divided we fall. Collective efforts and wisdom is required to create an immaculate and unpolluted environment in and around where people Pakistan live with the promised dignity and justice as enshrined and guaranteed in the Constitution of Pakistan.


Islamabad, September 15.