LAHORE - Police yesterday launched inquest into the death of a six-year-old girl in Iqbal Town.

Her father and stepmother were taken into custody after the mum of deceased Aleesha alleged the father tortured the child to death.

Her father, Khurram, denied torture claims stating that she was a patient of epilepsy.

Police said Aleesha had been staying with her father and stepmother after her mother was divorced. The girl was found dead from her bedroom as police reached the house (666-Kashmir Block) in Iqbal Town.

The autopsy report reveals Aleesha had been suffering from epilepsy. According to the report, there were also minor injuries around her chest and forehead.

A police investigator said that it was “premature to say that she was tortured to death” since she was a patient of epilepsy. “The injuries are minor and could be an outcome of sudden epilepsy attack,” he said.

Somebody swabs are sent to the Punjab Forensic Science Agency to further investigate the cause of death since the autopsy report was inconclusive, police sources said.