Observing October 27 as black day, Prime Minister of Azad Jammu & Kashmir said on Tuesday that the Kashmiris never accepted the illegal occupation of their motherland by India nor will accept it in the future at any cost.

On October 27, 1947, India occupied the state of Jammu & Kashmir by forcibly landing its troops at Srinagar Airport against the aspirations of the people of the state and thereby violation all international norms and commitments. The prime minister was addressing a protest rally held at Shaheed Chowk in Mirpur to mark the black day against the continued forcible and illegal occupation of Jammu & Kashmir for the last 68 years. He said that the people of Jammu & Kashmir conveyed to the international community their opposition to the Indian occupation.

Protest rallies, processions and public congregations were the hallmark of the black day in all small and major towns at either side of the Line of Control to express complete dissociation from India. They apprised the world of the continued Indian brutalities unleashed against the innocent Kashmirirs who have been fighting against the forcible Indian rule in the valley.

Since the occupation, the Indian troops have turned the paradise on the earth into a hell by unleashing the bloodshed of over 500,000 innocent people of the state, he pointed out.

Thousands of people from all walks of life including social and political workers, members of the business community, lawyers, journalists, employees of government and non-governmental organisations, students, teachers, human rights activists thronged the streets to join the protest rally.

Heads of various private and public sector institutions including Mirpur University Vice Chancellor Dr Habibur Rehman, Commissioner Raja Amjad Pervez Ali, Mangla Dam Resettlement Organization Commissioner Tayyeb, Mangla Dam Housing Authority Director General Zulfiqar Ahmed among others attended the protest rally.

They condemned the forcible occupation of bulk of Jammu and Kashmir state by India at the might of its over 800,000 military and paramilitary troops in the held state.

The AJK prime minister continued that the people of Jammu & Kashmir had made massive sacrifices for the sacred cause and will continue the same spirit with high morale till their freedom struggle reached to its logical end. He condemned the massive human rights abuses by the Indian occupying forces in Held Kashmir. He called upon India to show realistic approach towards the early peaceful resolution of Kashmir conflict to ensure emergence of everlasting and durable peace in South Asia. He urged India to immediate withdraw her troops from occupied Jammu & Kashmir to pave the way for holding of the plebiscite in the State under the auspices of the United Nations for settlement of the dispute.

"It is the long cherished demand of the Kashmiris that they should be granted their right to decide their future under the spirit of the internationally-acknowledged UN resolutions," he said.

Reposing full trust in the Kashmir policy of the Pakistan government, the AJK prime minister said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had strongly and unequivocally raised Pakistan's just and principled stance on Kashmir issue during his visit to the United States.

"People of Jammu & Kashmir are highly thankful to the people and the government of Pakistan for the continuation of their unequivocal moral, political and diplomatic support to Kashmiris' struggle for their right to self-determination," he said.

Mr Majeed urged the world community to take immediate notice of the continued hostile attitude of India trying to escape from the peaceful solution to Kashmir dispute through its traditional aggressive posture in the form of the unprovoked firing and violations of the ceasefire on the LoC and the Working Boundary.

He called upon the major global powers to compel India to ensure the objective dialogue with Pakistan for early peaceful resolution of Kashmir issue besides all other bilateral differences without further delay.

He strongly condemned the continued human rights abuses at the hands of the Indian occupation forces in occupied Jammu Kashmir. He urged the international community especially the United Nations to perform their responsibilities to get the Indian state terrorism and violence stopped in the disputed Himalayan state.

He also reiterated the Kashmiris' just and principled stance that they (Jammu Kashmir people) would continue their struggle for right to self-determination. He particularly highlighted the reality with the earnest demand about early grant of the right to self-determination to Kashmiris without further delay. It is being denied by India because of her traditional hostile and stubborn attitude.

Such protest events were also held in all other small and major towns including the capital city of Muzaffarabad, Kotli, Bagh, Bhimbher, Rawalakot, Neelam Valley, Haveili, Hattiyan and Sudhanoti districts as well as tehsil headquarters to reiterate complete dissociation from India abd to apprise the world of the continued Indian brutalities in Held Kashmir.