ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)’s otherwise an army of officials didn’t even bother to issue a few lines of condolence for former Pakistan cricket team manager and one of the most successful and highly respectable person Yawar Saeed, who passed away in Lahore.

Only PCB chairman Shahryar M Khan, who on asking by a reporter about the sad demise during his UAE tour, issued a few lines of condolence, which are not enough for a person, who had given golden years of his life to Pakistan cricket.

It was quite strange and cricket circles were highly upset that the PCB officials always issue condolence messages on even unknown and relatively irrelevant persons, but they completely ignored Yawar and instead of issuing condolence statement and offering their grievances to the aggrieved family, they didn't even bother to attend the funeral of the deceased. Not a single PCB official was present at the funeral, while only former chairman Ijaz Butt and handful of persons were present there, which is a sign of great disrespect and eye opener for all those, who are at their twilight and had served PCB in different capacities.

The writing is very much on the wall for all those past greats, that they are worthy only while alive, and they would be completely ignored, when they would be no more in this world. The time is high when the PCB must change its attitude.

Yawar was the manager of national team when they carved out victory in the 1996 Benson N Hedges Cup in Australia beating mighty West Indies team 2-0, first of their in an international event, in the best-of-three final. He was manager of Pakistan World T20 Cup winning team in 2009, while Intikhab Alam was coach. Yawar earned huge respect among the masses and all the players spoke highly about him. He was always part of the national team whenever the green caps managed to beat top cricket playing nations.

Shahryar Khan must take some time off from his international tours and pay heed to this issue of grave importance, why such a gentleman of cricket was not given due respect, why PCB kept on sleeping, why nobody bothered from the board to attend his funeral, which was held last Friday. The PCB's such cold shoulder attitude is highly condemnable and an inquiry is need of the hour.

The PCB has an army of high-paid officials, who have no role, but to enjoy huge monthly perks and privileges and enjoy joy-rides. At one end, the PCB is crying for financial constrains and firing low-paid employees in the name of right-sizing, while on the other hand, white elephants have been enjoy countless benefits. The board terminated media manager in National Stadium Karachi, who was highly responsible person and was running the stadium affairs dutifully, but on the other hand, National Stadium manager was promoted as general manager and people had expressed serious reservations against him and held him responsible for countless irregularities. But instead of taking action and paying heed on public as well as former greats like Javed Miandad's complaints, the gentleman was promoted reasons best known to PCB chairman and his close aides, who would be held responsible for not issuing even few lines condolence on Yawar Saeed's demise.

It seems there is no one who may keep check and balance on the PCB. It is high time when Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who is also patron of PCB, should finally take notice of board's self-styled policies and seek detailed report on why chairman and PSL head Najam Sethi visited India, which resulted in huge embarrassment for not only two gentlemen but also for the country. The masses have been seeking answers on what grounds people of Pakistan were let down against arch-rivals India?