The Kashmiri people residing in Sialkot region observed black day on the completion of 68 years of Indian army's illegal occupation of Kashmir.

The protesting Kashmiri people were wearing black arm bandages during various protest meetings.

Addressing various protest meetings at Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial, Uggoki, Bajwat, Pasrur, Badiana, Chawinda and surrounding areas, the kashmiri leaders said the sacrifices of thousands of innocent Kashmiri martyrs would become fruitful soon.

They hoped that the sun of freedom of the held valley from Indian yoke will rise shortly. They said that the Kashmiri people in Pakistan were united for the Kashmir Cause, adding that India had unleashed the worst brutalities to continue its illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir. They said that the Kashmiris have rejected India's illegal occupation of their motherland.

They said that the Kashmiri people had appealed to the UN to implement its resolutions on Kashmir to mitigate the sufferings of the Kashmiris.

They said that peace could never be promoted in South Asia without solving the prolonged burning issue of Held Kashmir.

Dr Zahid Ghani Dar, convener of the meeting, termed Kashmir the key to peace. He urged the Pakistan government to adopt a solid policy regarding the Kashmir dispute with India. They strongly criticised the imposition of curfew in Occupied Jammu & Kashmir, terming it sheer violation of human rights by the occupant Indian army.

He added the sacrifices of hundreds of thousands of Kashmiri people would soon become fruitful in the shape of freedom of Kashmir from Indian yoke as the Kashmir Issue has reached near its solution as per the aspirations of the Kashmiri people. He said that the sun of freedom of Kashmir will rise soon.

He said that freedom is the basic right of Kashmiris and nobody could deny it. He urged the world community to use its complete influence to globally pressure India for halting the human rights violations, custodial killings and genocide of the oppressed Kashmiri people by the Indian Army.

Meanwhile, the local Kashmiri leaders expressed complete solidarity with their brethren in the Held Kashmir. They said that early peaceful solution to the dispute has now become vital for ensuring peace in the Subcontinent as it has become a flash point between the two nuclear neighbours. They also expressed grave concern over the rising human rights violations, custodial killings and genocide of the innocent Kashmiri people by the Occupant Indian Army. They said that these practices were enough to shake the conscience of the international community.