It is nearly more than ten years that over hundred private TV channels began telecasting their programmes. Normally it is believed that TV serves three purposes, it provides education, information and entertainment. My experience is it is providing nothing except trash and government ads. Daily evening debates on country’s politics are hackneyed and nauseating, often we see same person sitting in three four programmes of four channels simultaneously uttering same old views and words. Then in a 55-minute programme more than half the time is consumed by ads which further adds to the misery of the viewers. Above all close to 9 PM each of these tele-debate ends without reaching a logical end, the programmes is chopped off for more adds. As a matter of fact these money hungry channels are dishing out nothing except advertisements with small chunks of political debate or whatever else, here and there. TV pundits should realise that as soon as an anchor-person says, “Ek break ka time ho gya hae” the viewers immediately change the channel.


Lahore, October 26.