Mr. Khurshid Shah, as the self styled spokesman of PPP, has declared that hell would break loose if the government goes ahead with Kalabagh Dam (KBD). Unfortunately Mr. Khurshid Shah frightens us with hellish conditions which will follow if we don’t even now make KBD. Mr. Shah may remember that hell did not break loose when former Prime Minister Bhutto was hanged by late Gen. Zia. It also did not break loose when Prime Minister Benazir was assassinated. So what more can happen now if KBD is built to provide 37% of 6.1 MAF water share to Sindh and Generate 3600 MW of cheap power costing Rs. 1.52 per unit. Mr. Shah is act out of his mind and speaks merely on the length of his manicured moustaches without which he would look like a veritable mouse. He must not play with words as PPP has been cut to the size of a mouse from being a chain binding the four provinces in late Benazir’s time. Much water has flown since below the bridges and Mr. Shah ought to make himself conversant with the latest words of IRSA that we are facing 14% shortage in water while Baluchistan is accusing Sindh of stealing its water. Where are the resolutions of three smaller provincial assemblies which have no constitutional relevance for making a hydro electric dam like KBD which is one of the best sites in the world for a dam and has been most studied by World Bank as also by German and Chinese Engineers and found most feasible and credit worthy.


Lahore, October 15.