According to the joint report released by the Planning Commission and World Food Programme, “minimum lost diet in Pakistan” indicates nearly 70 percent of households in Pakistan are unable to provide a staple adjusted nutritious diet. A direct consequence of this is that children in Pakistan suffer from malnutrition. In urban areas, some 2.5 million children have stunted growth. The stunted children are likely to have their brain, kidneys, or other organs affected. The child nutrition statistics are even worse in rural areas. In Pakistan, malnutrition is responsible for 54 percent of over 10 million deaths per year in children under the age of 5. High level of pollution, lack of food security, health care and medical infrastructure are rising the ratio of child deaths. Diseases like diarrhoea have also seen a rise, which results in 350,000 children deaths in Pakistan. Environmental problems like impure water and unclean air also result in high child deaths. Therefore, the concerned authorities should take strong steps for reducing environmental pollution and malnutrition.


Kech, September 28.