Fake spiritualists, who have a stable position in our society, are making fools out of the public through their false accusation. Even educated people fall in their traps. People blindly follow their unethical practices, as they dispose off a majority of their savings in the footsteps of these fake spiritualists. Through slogans, they have managed to attract a considerable amount of following, a following mesmerised by their fake religiosity. With the help of the influence that they have gathered, they are easily throwing dust into the eyes of many. They are offered a considerable amount of presents and oblations, in return of the fulfilment of petty vows.

They can easily obtain sexual favours from gullible women, who would do anything to be in the good books of these fake spiritualists. It has come a point when they consider the earnings of people as their own property.

We should think about the fact that, if these spiritualists cannot even solve their own problems, how can they solve someone else’s?


Karachi, September 28.