LOS ANGELES - Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan has been urged to “get on a train to Kettering” and “fulfil her promise” to switch on the town’s Christmas lights.

The town’s MP invited her to perform the task after an “offensive” tweet on EU referendum night in which she asked, “sorry, but Kettering where are you?”

Ms Lohan accepted, but as BuzzFeed News reported, the council cannot reach her.

MP Philip Hollobone said: “The message is, ‘Lindsay Lohan please get in touch, your public awaits’.”

Conservative Mr Hollobone was rather taken aback when the Mean Girls star made it known to her nine million Twitter followers that she had not heard of Kettering. Speaking in the House of Commons in June, shortly after her tweet, Mr Hollobone said it implied no-one had heard of the town.

“Everyone knows where Kettering is, it’s famous as the home of Weetabix,” he said.

Mr Hollobone invited Miss Lohan to switch on the Christmas lights, saying it would “redeem her political reputation”.

Miss Lohan replied: “Direct message me about your offer. Would be happy to light the Christmas tree in #Kettering.”

However, with the 24 November lights switch-on deadline fast approaching, Kettering Borough Council has been unable to confirm Ms Lohan’s involvement.

“She said she would come and switch on the Christmas lights at Kettering but, despite everyone’s best efforts, it’s simply not be possible to track her down,” Mr Hollobone told the BBC.

“She needs to know when and where she needs to be.” He wanted to remind Ms Lohan that Kettering is “only an hour from London on the train”.

The star would be more than welcome to join the list of “local panto stars and school children” who have switched on the Christmas lights in the past, Mr Hollobone added.

“I take the simple view that if you undertake to do something, you should do it.”

The BBC has asked Ms Lohan’s management team to confirm whether the actress will be there.

Ms Lohan emerged as an unlikely EU referendum pundit on results night with a series of social media posts in which she has pleaded with Britain not to leave the European Union.