The state of traffic in Lahore has become unbearable. No matter where you go, at whatever time, you are likely to encounter either a traffic jam or an abundance of vehicles on the road. Driving has not only become a tiresome activity, but adds to the psychological troubles of the citizens.Traffic can also be linked to a rise in the population of Lahore, as a lot of people have moved here from other areas in search for better prospects. While migration is not an evil, the government must also address over-population.

Apart from constructing signal-free roads, underpasses, and roundabouts, the government should also invest in teaching proper driving skills to the public. They should teach traffic laws and etiquettes to everyone. Traffic fines should be enhanced, in order to discourage people from breaking traffic laws. Perhaps one day, this city will see a functional traffic-system, where everyone on the road drives with sense and is empathic towards other road users. For now, we would have to do with the current state.


Lahore, October 25.