LAHORE - The Businessmen Panel (BMP) on Thursday demanded that the government may provide one-window facility for investors across the country with the support of chambers of commerce, so that foreign direct investment (FDI) may expedite which is much needed for the country right now.

BMP Chairman Mian Anjum Nisar said, “We must follow international standards of facilitating investors, as Pakistan's geo-strategic location, availability of skilled manpower, provision of raw material is a destination of choice for foreign investment.” He said it is imperative that investment is also sought in export-oriented industries in order to increase the capability of the economy to generate the foreign exchange necessary to sustain and service the growing external debt.

He also stated that Pakistan needs major policy reforms to enhance its exports and competitiveness in global markets. A pro-export policy shift is required in all economic policies to cope with declining exports in Pakistan including due restructuring of the TDAP and appoint professionals there.