KARACHI-It happens to the best of us; only women can understand the feeling of standing in front of a wardrobe laden with piles of clothes and still think ‘I’ve nothing to wear’.

The new exclusive Pashmina Shawls from Gul Ahmed’s Winter Collection are the choice to make. Drape it over and look classy. Think winter occasions preps become more of a hassle with lack of fabric choices? Opt for Merni Crepe pieces – our pick of the lot. These look stylish because of the fabric fall is just diva-like! Have it stitched into a high-neck gown or boxy off shoulder cape, anything goes if you have the flair to carry it like a boss.

Silk velvet is another fun fabric to toy around with this season. It’s got enough shine to get you noticed without feeling gaudy. You should definitely own a piece in your favorite color. There are many more fabrics you can choose from, including exclusive collections of Rumi, Khushgul and Tribal Ikat.