Security, economy interlinked: Shujaat 

PML-Q president Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain has said the statements of the ministers that the army and economy have no link with each other are ‘highly idiotic’. He said: “The army job was to provide security, security and economy were interlinked. If economy is bad, obstacles will also be created in the security.”  The former prime minister added: “The present government is intentionally working in this manner so that economy can be destroyed and the blames can be flung at the army as well other institutions.” He claimed in the term of Pervaiz Elahi as Punjab CM public exchequer was surplus with Rs150 billion but now it was on minus Rs700 billion. Punjab loans have increased ten times and subsidy of Rs27.6 billion was being paid annually on Metro Bus alone, he alleged. –Staff Reporter


Qadri wants Sharifs’ polygraph test

Pakistan Awami Tehrik Chairman Dr Tahirul Qadri has said Nawaz Sharif is lying about his assets and Shehbaz Sharif about Model Town incident.  Addressing the meeting of PAT lawyers, he said: “From JIT to Supreme Court, and now in NAB and accountability court, both Sharif were concealing facts so their polygraph test must be conducted.” He repeated the demand for release of Justice Najfi report. He also called for reopening of Hadibiya Paper Mills case and putting the Volume 10 at public libraries.  He said proceedings of Panama case and JIT report be made part of MPhil in Criminology course as case study.  Till the judgment of corruption cases, Nawaz Sharif must be put behind lock-up as issuance of warrants and notices were not enough, which Sharifs were painting as political victimisation to deceive the masses.  He said state institutions must be empowered so criminal elements won’t dare cheat them.  He said he was waiting for the release of Justice Najfi report, but Shehbaz Sharif was constantly opposing. He said he believed there was something in this report which is appalling Shehbaz. –Staff Reporter


Diabetes workshop at LGH

Principal Ameer ud Din Medical College Prof Ghias un Nabi Tayyab has stressed the need for raising public awareness about preventive measures, timely diagnosis and proper management of diabetes.  Speaking at a workshop on diabetes at Lahore General Hospital on Friday, he said that unfortunately 25 per cent of the patients of type II diabetes were undiagnosed. Doctors from Dermatology, Pulmonology, Nephrology, Neurology and Psychiatry Departments attended the workshop. Head of the Department of Medical Unit Dr Imran Hassan Khan, Assistant Professor Dr Maliha Hameed, Dr Fatima Hamdani, Dr Kashif Aziz, Dr Salman Shakeel and Dr Rizwan Ahmed delivered lectures on diabetes and related complications.  Prof Ghias un Nabi Tayyab said that diabetes was increasing at an alarming rate and soon Pakistan would be amongst 10 developing countries with maximum patient load. –Staff Reporter


Exit test sought for medical students

Instead of entrance test, the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) should conduct exit test of fresh medical graduates before giving them practice licence on completion of their medical education.  This test should be conducted to gauge knowledge and experimental competence of medical graduates and standard of education at public and private medical colleges.  These views were expressed by Umar Farooq, director of Lahore Campus of Riphah University during a meeting here on Friday. He said that universities and medical colleges should conduct their own entrance tests and admit students on merit. He said that Riphah University would not compromise on its policies therefore it was number two on the HEC list of private universities.  He said the university was working under a trust on a not-for profit basis. He said Riphah gives away Rs80 million scholarships to students of Lahore campus every year. –PR