Islamabad - The teaching faculty of Hazara University fears that a ‘spy network’ is being run by a group of students who are allegedly backed by the administration to monitor the liberal teaching staff of the university, an official said on Friday.

On the operative part, lectures of the teachers are secretly being recorded by students and later being reported to the university administration and uploaded on social media, in attempt to ‘expose’ their liberal views.

The activity has been reported in the departments of social sciences faculty, including Political Science, English, Pakistan Studies and Genetics, said official.

An official said that the administration is not only aware of the activity but, that the Vice-Chancellor (VC) Muhammad Idrees himself confessed in a few meetings that teachers are being monitored by a ‘secret eye’.

“VC in his meeting with student proctors had offered them to become a part of a network which reports to him on any anti-state and anti-religion sentiments,” said the official.

Official added that though there is a ban on student unions in the university, the administration itself is supporting a right-wing student organization and provoking it against the teaching faculty. “Teachers fears that their lectures could be misinterpreted and lead to a dangerous incident,” official said.

Because topics of Political Science, English and Pakistan Studies require critical thinking and debate, the right-wing organization is wary of teachers expressing their diverse views on the subjects. The teachers are being threatened to not openly speak their mind in the classrooms.

The situation has aroused a sense of insecurity among the teachers who are observing a black day and demanding the administration to stop this surveillance.

The official said in a general body meeting of Hazara University Academic Staff Association (HUASA), which the VC sent an official cameraman to record all the activity, which was resisted by the faculty members.

The official said that the teachers are being spied on since a few months now and two members of the faculty have even been threatened.

Talking to The Nation, President HUASA Dr Ejaz Ali Shah said that teachers lodged individual complaints but feared of tracing the network.

Dr Ejaz Ali said that the university administration, after the recent protest, has denied its involvement in the activity and has asked the teachers to take action against students found recording their lectures.

VC Dr Muhammad Idrees talking to The Nation denied his involvement.

He also said that the administration, keeping in view the current security situation, only keeps a check on the discipline of teachers and maintained that nothing is being said against the religion or the state.

He also said that the university has approached Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and other law enforcement departments to take action against 47 social media pages of the university being run on social media website.

The HUASA had accused the university administration for terrorizing the teaching faculty and not addressing the issues of facilitating the teachers and holding the selection board.

Higher Education Commission (HEC) had called a vice chancellors conference to address the extremism and reach a strategy to control the incidents at higher education sector.

Earlier, a student at Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan was lynched to death by a mob of students on campus accusing him of blasphemy. Prof. Dr. Shakeel Auj, the dean at Karachi University was also shot dead for his moderate views on religion.