OKARA-The opponents of Nawaz Sharif will fail in their negative efforts against Sharif family as the former prime minister is truly a pubic leader.

Punjab Parliamentary Secretary on Excise and Taxation MPA Mian Muhammad Munir stated while talking to journalists here the other day.

He claimed the PTI dream of coming to power in the centre would never come true. “Nawaz Sharif was disqualified under a global conspiracy,” he asserted, adding that he (Nawaz) had gained more popularity among the masses and the court of voters have declared him as their real leader having right to rule the country on account of his “great services for the nation.” He pointed that Nawaz Sharif had emerged victorious from the storms of conspiracies in the past. “Even now the ex-PM will return to the power after winning the general election 2018,” he expressed his hope.



All Pakistan Clerks Association (APCA) District president Muhammad Rafiq Madni, and other office bearers have expressed gratitude to Madam Naheed Wasif, CEO District Education Authority, for regularising the service of class-4 employees and allowing them time scale promotion.

They also presented bouquets and sweets to Madam Naheed Wasif at a simple but impressive ceremony held here the other day.

For the last four years, cases of 13 clerks and 86 class-4 employees, pertaining to death, medical and retired quota recruitment and contract employees had been laid pending for a final decision, which were now decided accordingly by the department. The Apca district chapter has hoped that such decision on the part of the department would end deprivation among the employees.

JI, KBP blast

anti-agriculture policies

Wrong policies of the government has destroyed agriculture and forced the farmers to starvation.

Jamaat-e-Islami District Ameer Ch Rizwan Ahmad stated while talking to a delegation of Kissan Board Pakistan (KBP), led by its president Malik Muhammad. The JI ameer heard to the problems and difficulties being faced by the farmers of the district. He regretted that low rates of agriculture produce, wishful rates of pesticides and seed, provision of bogus and substandard pesticides in the market, unbearable rates of electricity for tube-wells, control of corrupt mafia and toutism on Land Record Centre, non payment of sugarcane by sugar mills administrations have almost destroyed the agriculture.

He also endorsed the KB delegation’s demand that the govt must take immediate steps and measures to save farmers from complete destruction.