There has been a growing trend of drug addiction amongst the young generation of the country and as if a wild fire, adolescents are becoming victim to this rising issue that results in the destruction of their entire life. Why has this trend grown in the past few decades? Time has brought exposure to the young because of which this trend has grown a lot. The immense competition and harshness that practical life brings along with itself, which is always difficult to face, has ensured that the young generation finds an easy way out. Fighting sorrows and issues that life presents is always difficult but running away from them is always easy. Thus, the youth choose the easy way out and run away from reality, escaping the issues of life, opting drug addiction and spontaneous carelessness which later destroys their lives, forever. 

But does everyone fall for this addiction because of the problems that they face in life? Not actually. Some become a victim to this because of curiosity and others because of peer pressure. During puberty, when the human body experiences physical and mental changes, a feeling of curiosity overwhelms every youngster. This feeling of curiosity inclines every youngster to have new experiences. Evil and bad have always been attractive and drugs have been something very attractive and inclining, thus teenagers and young adults try new drugs, ending up addicts. 

Stereotypical views like smoking a cigarette to look “cool” or the intake of any sort of drug is thought to be a sign of children becoming adults, which is another reason why the young generation is falling victim to drug abuse and addiction. The question of how to remove and eradicate this demon from our society arises. 

It is the responsibility of the state on the first hand to ensure that rules and regulations such as children aged under eighteen must not be given access to drugs, alcohol or cigarettes must be implemented upon. Strict punishments and heavy fines must be imposed on the breaking of this law and it must be dealt with properly. Raising sufficient awareness amongst the youth is also important, like telling them about the harms of drug usage and how they are destroying their future themselves. Moreover, support programs must be introduced where adolescents can be given hope and assistance along with guidance to fight the complexities of life and ensure that they are freed from the shackles of drug addiction. 

It is the responsibility of parents, teachers and elders to raise awareness amongst the youth population. They should actively reject ideas that revolve around drug usage, halt the spreading trend of thinking drug usage to be “cool” and ensure that young people do not fall victim to addiction of fatal drugs. 

Collectively, it can be safely concluded that drug addiction and drug abuse is a menace, a monster that feeds on young blood and results in the destruction of the society in general. Hence it is the responsibility of every individual to bring a forever halt to this growing trend, for every person of the society is at stake. 


Lahore, October 23.