Lahore -  The PML-N top brass have put their heads together to decide who will be the next party head in case of political unrest in the country.

Meanwhile, party’s current president Nawaz Sharif, who has reached London from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is keeping abreast of the latest situation in this respect.

Due to the crises being faced by the party, Mr Nawaz should now choose a capable person to lead the party. However, it is as clear as day that he would select none other than his brother and Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif for the top party slot as there is no other leader than Shehbaz who is capable of running the party affairs amicably and efficiently.

As Shehbaz Sharif has cordial relations with the establishment, his political role as the party leader will also help bridge gap between the establishment and the civilian government. Moreover, the party leaders and workers are also desirous of coming out of the state of confusion and a decision in this regard would lull them into ease.

Political pundits are of the view that it would not only improve the relations between the government and the army but also improve the political and economic situation of the country.

Owing various cases against Nawaz Sharf and his other family members even after the Panama issue, the army feels hesitant to hold negotiations with him while his younger brother has repeatedly met with Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa, and in some meetings, also Ch Nisar Ali Khan accompanied him.

Though Mr Nawaz had got the constitution amended for holding the party reins, now the Senate has passed a bill under which he will have to leave the political office. However, the bill needs to be passed from the lower house – the National Assembly – as well and then signed by the president to become the law. On the other side, the PML-N has two-third majority in the National Assembly. But a rift has also emerged in the party which may change the perception as some pundits are of the view that the ruling PML-N has split into two factions led by Riaz Pirzada and Ch Nisar Ali Khan each.

Two days after his disqualification, Mr Nawaz had suggested Shehbaz Sharif for the party presidentship however later, Sardar Yaqoob Nasir was made the party head. Afterwards, he thought for making his younger brother prime minister of Pakistan but the second thought too faced the same fate.

Some political experts think that Shehbaz Sharif should not quit as chief minister of Punjab where he has launched some mega projects and over half of the National Assembly seats belong to the same province.

Meanwhile, their opponents have sped up the campaign against Nawaz Sharif propagating that the elder brother had betrayed the younger brother by not selecting him for the party leadership. Shehbaz can thwart such conspiracies against the Sharif family.

In Saudi Arabia, Nawaz Sharif along with his mother performed Umrah and instead of coming back home went to London and did not appear before the Accountability Court.

Media reports say that Nawaz during his stay in Saudi Arabia met with some important members of the Royal Family and sought help from them as they did in year 2000. Earlier, Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa had also visited KSA and met with Saudi rulers including Prince Muhammad Bin Salman and Prime Minister Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid. Now, the visit of American foreign minister to KSA is also of utmost importance.