KHYBER AGENCY - The tribesmen of Bacha Mena, the area adjacent to Torkham border, on Friday staged a protest demonstration against shifting of basic health unit (BHU) from their area to another location. 

Dozens of residents of Bacha Mena gathered on the link road while holding banner inscribed with the slogan in their favour and chanted full-throat slogans against the health officials. 

The protestors were of the view that the lonely health centre had been functioning under the auspices of Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) for the last few years in the area and was providing health facilities to approximately 5,000 populations but now the health centre has been shifted to another locality. 

The protesters said that the shifting decision of the BHU was an unfair decision as it had 100 patients daily in Outdoor Patient Department (OPD). 

They condemned the health officials for the decision and said that it equalled to deprive them of basic health services. 

The demonstrators asked the authority concerned to have mercy on them and don’t dislocate the BHU from its previous position.