Different Pakistan Post Office branches are working in all over Pakistan to sent shipment inside the country and out of country within suitable amount. Whereas other Private Courier Services like FedEx and DHL charges 6 times more charges than Pakistan Post Office if we are sending parcel out of Country. But Pakistan Post Office-Hyderabad being Public sector has no proper trained staff who should know that what kind of material should not send.

Recently I visited Pakistan Post Office-Hyderabad to send my few killed (Dry) specimens of grasshoppers for research purpose to one of the Chinese University along with Permission letter of that Chinese University and My concerned University of Sindh, Jamshoro. In that letter it was clearly mentioned that this material is non-infectious, non-dangerous for human and other living creature and has no commercial value. But staff of Pakistan Post Office-Hyderabad clearly refused to send that shipment. It was very sad to know when same material I sent through FedEx courier Service by paying 6 times more charges being Private Service. It was very difficult for me to afford expensive amount of Private Courier Services being Research Student.

It is my request to Federal Minister Postal Services and DG-Pakistan Post Office to take strict actions against such staff and mentioned clear and equal Notifications for Pakistan Post Office as given to other Private Courier Services working in Pakistan.


Khairpur Mir’s, Sindh, October 17.