The Tharparkar desert an area of 22,000 square kilometers which makes it the 18thlargest area of the world. People of Thar are deprived of all basic facilities such as health, education and drinking water but, unfortunately, the government has turned a blind eye to it. During the last ten month above four hundred children have died in Thar due to malnutrition. According the UNICEF report released this year listed Pakistan among countries with the highest rates of infant infertility. Malnutrition is the main issue the people has no money to fill their stomach and also deprived from clean drinking water, the people of Thar storage the water in ponds (Groundwater) when there was rain after some time this water converted in contaminated water, the people of Thar used this water for making food and drinking this Contaminated drinking water is one of the reasons behind the recent deaths. Mostly RO plants out of order due to the alleged negligence of the local functionaries. Groundwater in Thar is largely brackish, unfit for human consumption, yet people in absence of drinking water sometimes consume it. Analysis of water samples collected from parts of Tharparkar suggest presence of fluoride content that is harmful for human health and eventually lead to illness or bone deformation.


Mirpurkhas, October 18.