MIRPUR (AJK)-Mirpur city of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Sunday banged with anti-India rallies as a protest against continued illegal Indian occupation of Jammu and Kashmir for the last 72 years.

The day is observed as black day by Jammu & Kashmir people every year to mark extreme resentment and indignation over the continued unlawful and forcible occupation of bulk of Jammu Kashmir state by the Indian tyrannical forces. India had landed her armed military troops in Srinagar this day 72 years ago on October 27, 1947 forcibly against the aspirations of the people of the state.

The city was banged with full-throat slogans of ‘Bhooka Nangaa Hindustan - Kashmir Baney Gaa Pakistan’, ‘Bharti Ghazbo - Chore Do Kashmir Ko’, ‘Indian Dogs - Go Back’, ‘Go India Go’, ‘Pakistan Zindabad - Kashmir Baney Gaa Pakistan’, ‘ Jeeway Jeeway - Pakistan’, and ‘ Pakistan Say Rishta Kiyaa - La e Laa Haa Illalah’.

All the black day processions taken out by social, political and religious organisations, government employees, business community, journalists, lawyers, students and the city elite from all other segments of the civil society later converged into a mammoth protest rally at Shaheed chowk where speakers reiterated that the people of Jammu & Kashmir neither ever accepted the illegal occupation of their motherland by India nor will accept the same at any cost in the future.

This year, observance of the black day was particularly aimed at to apprise the Indian nefarious actions of abrogating special status of the disputed occupied Jammu Kashmirt state through scrapping article 370 and 35-A of the Indian constitution, ethnic cleansing of the population of the disputed muslim-majoirty Jammu Kashmir state besides the continual reign of state terrorism and human rights abuses in the bleeding vale of Kashmir. Hundreds of people from all walks of life earlier thronged the streets this morning to join the protest rally to mark the black day, observed throughout AJK besides occupied Jammu Kashmir and rest of the world.

The major black day rally was held by National Events Organizing Committee Mirpur district comprising all segments of the civil society including various private and public representative organizations, social and political parties, journalists organizations, faculty members and students of MUST varsity besides all local schools and colleges and others.

Former AJK minister Ch. Muhammad Saeed chaired the mammoth black day rally attended by Director General Jammu Kashmir Liberation Cell Fida Hussain Kiyani, Chairman National Events Organizing Committee and DC Tahir Imtiaz, DIG Police Mirpur Division Sardar Gulfraz Khan, SSP Raja Irfan Salim, Director General MDA Ch. Ejaz Raza, the NEOC Vice Chairman / AC Yasir Riaz, Secretary General and senior Kashmiri journalist Altaf Hamid Rao, ADC (G) Raja Qaiser Aurangzeb, MUST Varsity’s Registrar Muhamamd Waris Jiraal, Director Students Affairs Dr. Asghar Choudhry, Business Community elders Kh Zaffar Iqbal and Nawaz Ratayal, JI AJK leaders including Bashir Shagoo and Muhammad Ayub Muslim, leaders of Jammu Kashmir Jammiat Ulema – e Islam, MDA Employees Union leaders including President Pervez Rasheed, Secretary Idrees Sha, Chan Pervez and Ch. Shoukat, APCA Mirpur President Masood Rathore, State Electricity Technical Staff Union chief Qaiser Shiraz Kazmi, Kashmir Press Club President Sajaad Jiraal and the heads and subordinates of various other private and public sector nation building institutions and others officials also participated in the rally to mark protest against the continued forced Indian occupation of bulk of Jammu Kashmir state.

Wearing black bands and holding black flags, the protestors marched through major city streets including Kashmir Press club road, Mian Muhammad Road and Allama Iqbal Road and converged into the public rally at Shaheed chowk.

Through various unanimously-passed resolutions, moved by the Director General Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Cell Fida Hussain Kiyani, the rally strongly condemned the recent Indian sinister move of scrapping special status of the disputed Jammu & Kashmir state through abrogation of article 370 and 35-A of her (India) constitution besides the repeated abortive attempts of ethnic cleansing to change the demography of the Muslim-majority disputed Indian held Jammu Kashmir state – violating international norms and commitments including the UN resolutions on Jammu & Kashmir issue.

Through another resolution, the rally also vehemently condemned India of turning the bleeding Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir into the largest prison on the planet through imprisoning the Kashmiris into their houses since its (India) nefarious August 05, 2019 act at the might of her 0.9 million occupying military and para-military troops in the disputed occupied state.

They rally called upon the United Nations to immediately move for ensuring early grant of the legitimate right of self determination to the people of Jammu Kashmir under the spirit of its resolutions through holding free and fair plebiscite in entire Jammu Kashmir state including the curfew-riddled locked-down valley of Kashmir which entered 84th consecutive day of the total communication and information-blocked bleeding valley on Sunday.

The rally also condemned the increased human rights abuses unleashed against the innocent Kashmiris by Indian occupying forces through black laws, state terrorism, deprivation of the innocent Kashmiris of eye-sights through pallet gun shots, imprisoning of the minors, teen ager Kashmiris of the age from 9 to 15 years and their victimization of the brutalities of third-degree methods in the torture cells at undisclosed locations in the turbulent occupied valley where the population has launched peaceful struggle for the liberation of the homeland from longIndian subjugation.

Through another resolution the rally vehemently condemned the frequent violations of ceasefire on the line of control by India through the repeated incidents of her unprovoked firing targeting the innocent population of the forward areas located along the LoC in Azad Jammu Kashmir. It urged UNO to immediately move to ensure the stoppage of this blatant Indian aggression which Indian occupying forces let loose from across the LoC.

Addressing the rally, speakers including ex AJK minister and MLA from Mirpur Ch. Muhammad Saeed, DG Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Cell Fida Hussain Kiyani, Secretary General NEOC Altaf Hamid Rao and others vehemently condemned the continued forcible occupation of bulk of Jammu and Kashmir by India through her occupying nine lakh military and para-military troops in the occupied J and K State.

“India lives in the paradise of fools if she consider perpetuation of her unlawful hold over the Jammu and Kashmir state in her forced and illegal occupation through deployment of even millions of her occupying troops in the disputed held state”, speakers said.

They strongly condemned the imprisonment of the Kashmiri leadership including the leaders of Hurriyat Conference besides the common man including youth under the false and fabricated cases under black laws across the bleeding Indian occupied Jammu Kashmir state – which, they added, was lying dislinked from rest of the world for past 84 days.

Speakers reiterated Kashmiris resolve to continue the freedom struggle for the achievement of their birth right of self determination in line with the UN resolutions till a single Kashmiri was alive.

Speakers recalled that this day 72 years ago in 1947, India occupied the state of Jammu & Kashmir by forcibly landing her troops at Srinagar airport against the aspirations of the people of the state and thereby violation all international norms and commitments. Since then, Indian troops have turned the paradise on the earth into a hell by unleashing the bloodshed of over five hundred thousand innocent people of the state, they pointed out.

Addressing the rally, ex minister of AJK Ch. Muhammad Saeed said that the people of Jammu & Kashmir rendered massive sacrifices for a sacred cause and will continue the same spirit with high moral till their freedom struggle reached to its logical end.

He called upon India to show realistic approach towards the early peaceful resolution of Kashmir conflict to ensure emergence of everlasting and durable peace in South Asia . He urged India to immediate withdraw her troops from occupied Jammu & Kashmir to pave the way for holding of the plebiscite in the State under the auspices of the United Nations for settlement of Kashmir dispute.

“It is the long cherished demand of the Kashmiris that they should be granted their birth right to decide about their future under the spirit of the internationally-acknowledged U.N resolutions”, he added.