KARACHI    -   Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader and former PTI Karachi President Khurrum Sher Zaman demands the Sindh government to empower Pakistan Rangers to combat the menace of street crimes in Karachi.

Sher Zaman articulated this demand in the wake of his nephew being the latest victim in his family to experience street crime on Saturday.

“In the recent past, first it was my wife and children robbed at gunpoint then my sister-in-law and now my nephew. The police seem to be ineffective and incapable to rid Karachi from peril of street crimes.”

The PS-110 MPA pointed to the latest data on street crimes from CPLC that reported 36,320 mobile phones were snatched and stolen during street crime incidents in the metropolis this year so far. In addition, 21,000 motorbikes and 13,000 cars were either stolen or taken on gunpoint from citizens.

“I don’t understand how the IG Police Sindh can pat himself and his police force on the back for declining street crimes when compared to 2013. However, the people of Karachi want to see action to reduce street crimes now and don’t care about the statistics.” Sher Zaman asked if Sindh Rangers can effectively restore the security situation in Karachi since 2015, why can it not be empowered by Sindh Government to combat street crimes along with Sindh Police?

“I demand Chief Minister Sindh who is currently the Home Minister to immediately grant special powers to Sindh Rangers to tackle street crimes in Karachi.” 

The PS-110 MPA stated that if the Sindh Government will not employ Sindh Rangers in the fight against street crimes then he will request the Prime Minister of Pakistan and federal Interior Minister to take action to ensure the safety of Karachiites.