LAHORE-Lodging strong protest against the atrocities of Hindu supremacist Modi regime, the Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar and Governor Ch. Muhammad Sarwar Tuesday expressed solidarity with the Kashmiris by wearing black armbands at a ceremony held in connection with Black Day at the Chief Minister Secretariat here. 

The anthems of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir were played and the participants chanted ‘long live Pakistan’ and ‘Kashmir will become Pakistan’ slogans while holding flags of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. They also led a walk and condemned blasphemous caricatures in France as well as the Peshawar blast. 

“The purpose of celebrating the Black Day is to sensitize the international community about the illegal Indian occupation of Occupied Jammu & Kashmir,” he said while addressing the ceremony. 

He lamented that over a year had passed since the lockdown in Indian Occupied Kashmir but the perversity of wicked Modi was intact. “Everyone can guess the consequences of this continued lockdown as it was also imposed here due to corona,” he observed, adding that one could fully understand the disturbing results of lockdown over oppressed Kashmiris who were continuously languishing in pain and misery for the last many months. “Regrettably, the oppressed Kashmiris are going through unimaginable restrictions,” he said. 

Usman Buzdar stated that the Founder of the Nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had rightly termed Kashmir the jugular vein of Pakistan. “We will continue to wage a full diplomatic struggle for the rights of the Kashmiris of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir,” he vowed. 

The chief minister appreciated that PM Imran Khan had presented case of Indian Occupied Kashmir before the world with determination. He said the struggle of the Kashmiris will bear fruit as the freedom destination of Occupied Kashmir was not far.” Occupied Kashmir will soon get freedom according to the UN resolutions and Pakistan will not deviate from providing diplomatic, moral and political support to the Kashmiris,” he said. 

The chief minister also condemned the publication of profane sketches saying that the entire Pakistani nation strongly protested against profane caricatures in France. 

Ch. Sarwar stated the Muslims around the world strongly condemned profane caricatures in France and asked the international community to take strict action against supporters of such blasphemous caricatures. “We also strongly condemn the Peshawar blast””, he added. 

He said Imran Khan was a genuine ambassador of Kashmir who had fought their case at every forum and exposed Indian transgressions. He regretted that India had illegally annexed the state of Kashmir and Modi had written a new history of despotism in India as well as in Occupied Kashmir. “The world must take notice of Indian brutalities. Kashmiris struggle will bear fruit and Modi will have to be answerable to his crimes,” he said. 

Provincial Ministers Raja Basharat, Mian Mahmood-ur-Rasheed, Ijaz Alam, Murad Raas, Mahinder Pall Singh MPA, President PTI Centre Punjab Ijaz Chaudhary, assembly members, Chief Secretary, PTI leaders and citizens attended the ceremony.