The year 2020 has become the worst year in the history of the world.  The crises of COVID-19 have massively become the cause of destruction for Pakistan as well as the world. However, developed countries have suffered much and are still suffering. Due to this, the world has gone back in every perspective. The economy of the world has suffered much owing to the closing of the borders, airports, factories and laboratories.

The COVID-19 crisis has pushed the nation back to unemployment and poverty. This crisis has proved that spending money on science and laboratories is much more beneficial than spending money on cricket. Furthermore, many trials and endeavours have been done by the world like creating social distance, the closing of`: borders, markets, educational activities, worship and visiting places to stop the spreading of this COVID-19, but these efforts have created no result against this crisis. Similarly, many vaccines were made against COVID-19 but no outcomes have come in sight.

Pakistan faced many crises in this year like the pandemic, floods in interior Sindh, plane crash in Karachi and deaths of many great personalities. Pakistan is already passing through many difficult times due to lack of planning and proper decisions. Kashmir is another heartbreaking and a serious issue for Pakistan which has been existing since the separation of Pakistan. Such circumstances have pushed Pakistan into weightless crises. However, the silence of the UN and the world on the issue of Kashmir creates much stress for Pakistan. It is because Pakistan has become voiceless right now. In short, Pakistan has to stand alone and has to face the crises of COVID-19 and Kashmir issue. The silence of such organisations has proved that they will be unable to be part of the Kashmir issue. Finally, our prayers are with Pakistan to get rid of such challenges and crises soon.