ISLAMABAD   -  Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry said here on Tuesday that with new ‘Vehicle Policy’ Pakistan would soon become a manufacturing hub of electric vehicles.

He further said that by December 2020, almost 38 electric vehicles would be on capital roads.

Talking to a private news channel, the minister said it was for the first time in the country’s history that electric vehicle policy was introduced, and now the manufacturing of electric buses will also be done in Pakistan.

Fawad informed that not only in Islamabad but the public transport in Karachi and Lahore too would soon be powered by electricity now. “In the next six months, the facility of charging electric vehicles will be available on motorways as well,” he said.

He further said that Ministry of Science was in talks with CDA, Karachi and Punjab CMs for introducing electric vehicles on major cities’ roads. “Around 100 electric buses would be imported in the first phase,” he said, and added, “An investment of $2 billion to $4 billion is expected in the electric vehicle sector over the next four to five years.”

The minister said Pakistan was welcoming investment in private sector and giving incentives to the foreign investors which he described as a good sign. 

He added that environment-friendly vehicles would bring substantial development to the country.

Fawad also expressed the optimism that the country would be able to compete with India in electric vehicles manufacturing within next 2 to 3 years.

Fawad said within last 13 months government is striving hard for promoting new energy vehicles technology in Pakistan and manufacturing its local medical equipment after Covid-19 situation which can have a big share in the global market.

He said a medical equipment manufacturing zone was recently set up in Faisalabad and after its completion, the next phase will be started in Sialkot.

He said Pakistan was now producing injections, Canolas, X-ray machines, heart stents and dialysis machines.

He said it was also a welcome step by the present government that world-renowned multinational companies in Europe and China are poised to invest in Pakistan to gain benefits from the country’s prudent and business-friendly policies.

Fawad also appreciated China’s role as Pakistan’s key development partner over the years and highlighted the areas of investment, human resource development, information technology, and agriculture to further deepen mutually beneficial cooperation.