Islamabad-ITV viewers have revealed they were left ‘freaked out’ and too scared to ‘sleep without the light on’ following the debut of new murder mystery The Sister. 

The four-part thriller, adapted from Luther creator Neil Cross’ novel Burial, follows Nathan (played by Russell Tovey), who’s spent years trying to atone for a terrible mistake in his past, involving the death of his wife’s sister, Elsie (Simone Ashley). But in recent episode, Nathan was visited by Bob (Bertie Carvel), a paranormal expert who is connected to the incident with Elsie, and who warned that they needed to move her body since a housing development plans to dig up the woodland area where she was buried. 

Visiting Nathan a decade into his new marriage with wife Holly (Amrita Acharia), Bob appeared baffled after discovering his acquaintance had wed Elise’s sibling.