Prime Minister Imran Khan delivered a speech to the 75th session of the United Nation’s General Assembly. The main contents of the speech were: making Pakistan as the Riyast of Medina, to stop money laundering, to stop Islamophobia, to maintain peace and stability in the region, peace in Afghanistan and most importantly the siege in Kashmir. Imran Khan, since he took office as PM, always wishes to make Pakistan like the state of Medina and there should be peace and stability in the country. Though the realities are different and he has not succeeded in making Pakistan like the state of Medina, yet he is confident enough to at least follow the same path. Moreover, he urged world leaders and the United Nations Security Council to maintain peace and stability in the region and forced to resolve all the disputes or issues through dialogues. Stoping money laundering, funds for the developing countries to fight the pandemic, peace in Afghanistan, ending burning of the Holy Quran by some extremists in the name of freedom, tackling increasing Islamophobia, the threat of climate change and peace in the state of Jammu and Kashmir were some of the main talks of Khan’s Speech. 

He further discussed the same idea of Albert Einstein on freedom. Albert Einstein favoured the concept of freedom but that freedom should be a limited one. If one has limitless freedom than he will surely misuse it as has been done by some extremists to burn the Holy Quran. He again raised his voice for the people of Kashmir and asked the SC to find the permanent solution of the long-lasting issue of the region. There cannot be peace in the region until there is peace in Kashmir. The Prime Minister pointed out how the world acknowledged the steps taken by Pakistan to get rid of the COVID-19. Though Khan successfully conveyed his message to the world leaders, the response from them is unsatisfactory so far.