KARACHI -In observance of “PINKtober” - the breast cancer awareness month, celebrated worldwide in October - Shan Foods organised two awareness sessions; one for its management employees and the other for its labor staff in collaboration with Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital.

The session for management staff was conducted virtually while the session for labor staff was conducted physically, in line with all the essential safety protocols, at Shan Foods’ head office in Karachi. The highly-esteemed and qualified team of doctors from Shaukat Khanum Hospital, comprising of Dr. Masror Lodhi, Atiqa Batool, and Dr. Umme Farwa, were the speakers for both the sessions, giving detailed rundown on breast cancer to the participants. The sessions commenced with an overview of the disease and the significance surrounding the global awareness campaigns that are conducted annually. The participants were then briefed about the prevalence, causes, symptoms, and treatment options for breast cancer, along with the importance of early detection for better chances of effective treatment. 

This was then followed by a question and answer session in the end, with active participation from the attendees, and a pledge to dedicate five minutes to oneself for self-examination.

Commenting on Shan Foods’ tradition of conducting PINKtober sessions every year, GM HR, Tazeen Adnan said, “Shan Foods has always been committed to working towards promoting health and wellbeing, and while it actively seeks to benefit its customers, it places equal importance to the wellbeing of its employees. In light of the growing prevalence of breast cancer around the world and in Pakistan, we aim to increase awareness about the disease with our sessions and ensure the best of health for our workers.”