Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Senator Sirajul Haq has sought explanation from the government and security agencies over sudden

increase in incidents of terrorism across the country. 

Talking to media persons after visiting Madressah Zubairia Peshawar on Wednesday, he said, "Terrorists attacked in the heart of the city on Tuesday morning. How they reached there and disappeared after completing their mission despite presence of numbers of check posts and personals of intelligence and security agencies in every nook and corner of Peshawar."

Eight students lost their lives and 110 sustained injuries in the attack on the madressah on Tuesday.

Senator Siraj along with JI KP Emir Senator Mushtaq Ahmad and other leaders offered prayer for the martyrs and quick recovery of the injured. He held responsible the government and security agencies for the tragedy, saying their negligence was the cause of the incident which took lives of many innocents.

As the prime minister announced inquiry to the incident, Senator Siraj said the JI would hold a protest demonstration to express solidarity with the families of the victims and seek justice for them. He also pointed out the government laxity in the implementation of the National Action Plan, saying many clauses of the NAP were yet to be implemented despite passing of three years to its unanimous adoption by all the political forces and security establishment.

The JI chief also reminded the government that involvement of Indian elements could not be ruled out in the Peshawar bomb blast as New Delhi bent upon destabilizing Pakistan through every tactic. He said attack on Peshawar was indeed attack on Islamabad. He expressed regret over the silence and weakness of the rulers in wake of the perpetual Indian aggression, highlighting the need to answer New Delhi in the same language to confront its plan for the region.

Siraj said the JI would lodge countrywide rallies on Friday in protest of the France president malicious attempt to attack the dignity of the Holy Prophet (pbuh).