LAHORE   -    Like other parts of the globe, World Psoriasis Day will be observed across the country including Lahore on Thursday (tomorrow) to raise awareness about skin disease.  Psoriasis is affecting the lives of more than 125 million people worldwide. Psoriasis is a chronic, inflammatory skin disease clinically evident as raised inflamed scaly red skin lesions that crack and itch. Skin problems are generally the most common diseases seen in primary care setting all over the globe and its prevalence ranges from 20-50% in developing countries. Dr Javed Ahmed Memon, Incharge Dermatology Department, Sindh Government Liyari General Hospital said “The whole world is passing through very critical time and we have seen unprecedented health challenges but we have no focus on patient education and proper counseling in the country. Psoriasis awareness should be a part of our health policy.” Health experts and the public must exercise due diligence and change the notion that skin disease is less harmful because it’s not fatal,” he said. This mindset needs to be changed because the Psoriasis affects patient everyday life. People with the disease think that society and doctors are just ignoring their illness and the hardships of their lives.  Psoriasis a skin disease of organic nature has tremendously attracted the attention of Social and Health Scientists and more so the psychologists who feel desperately concerned with the mental health of people.