The old debate whether Pakistan is a Muslim country by virtue of the vast majority belonging to this faith or is it, in the true sense, an Islamic state, has gained further impetus recently, in the wake up the Taliban reassertion in Afghanistan and the emergence of Threek-e-Taliban-e-Pakistan in Waziristan. According to the extreme religious view calling themselves puritans and supportive of the Islamic interpretation by the Taliban and Al-Qaeda school of thought, it is incumbent upon them to enforce their concept of Islam at global level. Having achieved a degree of success in Afghanistan, they feel encouraged to extend their so-called divine mission to neighbouring Pakistan. A number of factors including the American military adventure in Afghanistan after 9/11 supported by UK and other European countries has assumed a much wider global dimension under the title of international war against terrorism. Pakistan was sucked into this conflict at the very outset. It became the vanguard of this war, as a reward of which it was awarded the "honour" of the first non-NATO ally of USA. Pakistan had to pay a very heavy price for it. This sacrifice by Pakistan was far greater than the loss of human lives suffered by all the other 37 countries claiming to be Washington's allies in this international war. Strangely enough, Pakistan was told by the US, British and EU that it "was not doing enough." As if ensuring success of US and NATO operation inside Afghanistan is Pakistan's sole responsibility, Islamabad was urged "to do more." Not only this. The White House was advised by both, the State Department and the Pentagon, that Pakistan having failed to deliver, US special forces, are left with no other option but to undertake military operation inside the Pakistan territory, under the pretext of "hot pursuit" and even "self-defence" in case of any resistance by Pakistan forces. Lo and behold, the Bush, secretly signed such an order as far back as July 2008. It became public only in September 2008. What a betrayal of a front line, non-NATO ally. Pak Army gave a befitting response after due warnings repeatedly given to the State Department and the Pentagon by the PM and COAS that the Government of Pakistan would not tolerate any infringement of Pakistan's sovereignty and territorial integrity by anyone in the name of combating terrorism. In spite of reassurance that the unfortunate incidents of crossing Pakistan's air space and ground frontiers were due to misunderstanding by local commanders, no watertight assurance has come forth from Washington that such incidents shall not be repeated in the future. In the meanwhile the message in respect of any future breach of Pakistan's sovereignty remains loud and clear as far as Islamabad is concerned, not withstanding the horror and devastation at the Marriott Hotel and subsequent acts of terrorism that unfortunately continue as well as violations of Pakistan's land and air spaces by US/NATO forces. Speaking at an iftar dinner hosted by Gilani for foreign and national media at Islamabad, he said that the government had embarked on a three-pronged strategy to meet the challenges posed by the extremists in the tribal areas. Highlighting the new resolve of the present democratic government under President Zardari, the PM revealed the landmark features of this strategy as under. "    The government desires to make peace deals with such elements amongst the tribal people who renounce violence and lay down their arms. "    The government is in the process of finalising massive plans to invest in the development and social uplift of those residing in FATA for their socio-economic uplift. President Zardari was bending all his energies in New York to this end through the proposed Consortium being set-up through the efforts of "lovers of Pakistan" at global level. "    As for those who refuse to surrender arms and took the law into their own hands by challenging the writ of the government including setting of courts to punish the citizens and indulging in attacks and bomb blasts against security forces and innocent civilians, the government is left with no other option but to use force against them as a last resort. The PM invited the media to offer advice and assistance in meeting highly complex challenge. Gilani said "I also want to make it clear that we need peace not only within Pakistan but also in our region which requires your (the media) cooperation and collaboration to achieve this objective." Gilani appeal to the international media to join hands with the media of other regions including that of Pakistan to endeavour in all earnestness to mitigate human suffering and suggest waves and means for alleviating poverty and hunger. This is a very positive and welcome approach for the implementation of the three-pronged strategy. Finally, as far the three-pronged strategy discussed above, it would be only fare to concede that the Consortium proposed by the Lovers of Pakistan at global level could prove to be a Marshal Plan for Pakistan under our present situation of the worst economic crisis in Pakistan's history. The writer is the president of the Pakistan National Foundation E-mail: