I want to point out to the chairman CDA and the architects/planners of 7th and 9th avenues that they have deliberately ignored the construction of overhead pedestrian bridges at some major intersections. Are the pedestrians not the citizens of this country? Or this city is only for motorists and Pajero-owners? Or the people having these vehicles will never ever need to cross the roads? Is there is no value of life of pedestrians? It is very surprising when these sparse plans, sans pedestrian bridges, have been approved. The competent authority has not raised any objection over the missing of such a necessary part in the plan of the two avenues. The civic authorities of our cities, like CDA, LDA, MDA, KDA etc, should wake up to the need of planning pedestrian facilities at crucial points in our cities. They should also launch public campaigns for behavioral and attitudinal changes among the citizenry about the rights of the pedestrians. Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP), is presently conducting workshops and lectures at various organizations and at common places. They must include this topic in their courses so that better awareness and education on the subject is provided to people at large. ITP should also suggest some crucial points for overhead bridges to CDA. -SABA GUL, Islamabad, via e-mail, September 13.