The issue of mid-term election is under discussion for quite some time now. This demand by opposition parties has almost become a part of the Pakistani democratic culture and resurfaces as surely as government of the day inevitably makes a hash of governance in the first couple of years of their five-year tenure. Unfortunately, since 1988 to 2010, almost all the governments were weak and depended heavily on support of small parliamentary groups and parties to survive (the only exception being the last PML-N govt). Therefore, instead of concentrating on governance issues, they diverted their complete attention to mostly fixing the political issues and wasted most of their time and energy in trying to keep their coalitions intact. Keeping that history in mind, a 'mid-term performance review through a referendum seems the best option. A free and fair 'mid-term performance review referendum after completion of the first half of every governments tenure would be right at this time now. That is two and a half years since the first oath of government. -ZIA UR REHMAN, Peshawar, September 24.