MQM leader Altaf Hussain has expressed the fear that the international establishment wants to assassinate him. He said that the murder of Dr Imran Farooq was part of the conspiracy to demolish the MQM leadership for its brave stance against feudalism, corrupt politicians and military generals. He further said that the ISI and the Pakistani establishment were after his blood but after their failure to slay him, the international establishment has been assigned the task. Referring to a BBC talk show, he said that the investigators want to implicate him in Farooqs murder case. Given the fact that he has been residing in London as a refugee safely for over twenty years with adequate protection by the government, one wonders what prompted him to think that plans have been made of assassinating him? Having said that, the MQM leaders apprehension should not be taken lightly. If he has gone public about the plot to finish him off, there must be some evidence that would have convinced him about a threat to his life. There is no doubt that he is a man of steel nerves who has single-handedly directed the MQM from abroad for such a long time. However, now that he thinks the international establishment has itself become his enemy and wants to take his life, he would be well-advised to return to Pakistan. And with all the party members around him, he would get the protection he needs against would-be assassins. Besides, his presence would also have a positive influence on his party. There is reason to believe that if the MQM leader urges discipline among the party members, especially working towards ending its confrontation with the ANP, Karachi can be spared the trouble it is having at the moment. At this point in time, the MQM leader ought to cooperate with British authorities to help bring the assassins of Dr Imran Farooq to justice. A smooth and impartial investigation would also require that the MQM refrain from making statements that could impede the unravelling of the murder mystery.