ISLAMABAD A three-member bench of the Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry Monday directed Attorney General for Pakistan and National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to submit complete parawise details of foreign accounts of NRO beneficiaries including President Asif Ali Zardari along with the cases pending in the foreign courts. The Court till October 13 adjourned the hearing in its suo moto case against non-implementation of its order of December 16, 2009, declaring National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) as ultra vires to certain provisions of the Constitution. The bench expressed grave concern over the movement of money after defreeze of accounts as it was done on the request of former attorney general Malik Qayyum. The Chief Justice observed that Malik Qayyum was not authorised to write letter to the Swiss authorities and he caused huge financial loss to the national exchequer. The Court accepted the Governments plea, requesting for adjournment of the non-implementation of the Courts order on NRO till final decision of the Governments review petition on NRO. Attorney General for Pakistan Maulvi Anwar-ul-Haq on behalf of the Government filed a petition requesting for adjournment of the case till the adjudication of the Federations review petition on NRO judgement of December 16, 2009. In its application, the Federation has prayed, The Prime Minister had been busy in connection with the affairs of the state and inter alia, with the flood situation and international commitments and wishes to further consider and discuss the legal aspects of the matter. At the outset of the hearing, the Court asked the Deputy Prosecutor General NAB Raja Aamir Abbas to read out the paragraphs from 171 to 178 of the apex court judgement given on NRO on December 16, 2009. Aamir submitted list, which contained names of 36 government officials and politicians, convicted in different cases who have benefited from NRO but their cases were revived after SC December 16, 2009 verdict. He stated that according to Section 15 of National Accountability Ordinance (NAO), these convicted persons had automatically been disqualified for holding any public offices for a period of 10 years. He informed that they had asked the Establishment Division to identify some 240 government officials whose cases were pending before the accountability courts. Raja Aamir further told that they had informed Capital Development Authority (CDA) to confiscate properties of the convicted persons and he also placed record copy of letter addressed by NAB to Chairman CDA. The Court also asked NAB Deputy Prosecutor General about the details and progress in connection with the illegal duties performed by Acting Chairman NAB. Raja Aamir, however, replied that DG HR and DG Operation NAB was responsible, as they had not replied so far. The Chief Justice asked the Attorney General about the progress regarding the appointment of new chairman NAB. The AG, however, said the process was under progress. Justice Iftikhar told the AG that during the hearing of Bank of Punjab case, he had informed the Court that it was matter of a few days but months had been passed and no development had been made so far. The Chief Justice also enquired about cases, pending in foreign courts. How many cases are pending in foreign countries? After all properties belong to this nation and public, the CJ asked Attorney General. What about former Attorney General Malik Qayyum? Have you proceeded against him for communication to the foreign countries for closing of cases? the CJ asked Attorney General Maulvi Anwar-ul-Haq. He is equally responsible for holding communication to Swiss authorities, the CJP added. Attorney General however, replied that they had sent a reference against Malik Qayyum to Pakistan Bar Council. The Chief Justice further asked AG about the movement of the money frozen in foreign banks. He observed as to what the FIA had done so far for nabbing those persons who were also claimants of that money. There were some persons whose trial were conducted, the CJP asked the AG, adding that as to what action was done by FIA against Malik Qayyum as well. The FIA has told us that NAB has to take action against Malik Qayyum, the AG replied. Raja Aamir, Deputy Prosecutor General NAB, however, informed the Court that Secretary Law had been asked to lodge a request to proceed against Malik Qayyum. During the course of the hearing, Attorney General Maulvi Anwar-ul-Haq informed the Court that as Federations counsel Kamal Azfar was out of country therefore, the matter for implementation of the Courts order on NRO be adjourned till the final decision of the Federations review petition pending before the Court. The Court asked the learned AG as to what could be possible date for resuming hearing of review petition on NRO. The Chief Justice first said October 12 but suddenly said no October 12 was a bad day hence October 13 would be the next date of hearing for resuming review petition of the Federation on NRO and adjourned the hearing till October 13. The Court directed NAB and Attorney General to submit province-wise details of all the cases which were pending against the people who had gotten benefited under NRO.