I received my house Electricity consumer bill for very high amount of Rs.20070/- under meter No.3-P 79667, in the name of Sohail Anjum for month of September 10. The reading date is 14 Sept 2010; the present reading is shown as 107889. You will be surprised to learn that today, 25 Sept 2010 i.e. eleven days after the reading day, it is still much lesser than the reading noted on 14th Sept 2010 which was 107570. The IESCO has cheated me by giving a bill of more than three hundred units extra than the actual reading. This was obviously done to get extra rupees four to five thousand, as the extras fall in the highest block of Rs.12.77 per unit. I am given only five days to arrange this huge amount of over Rs.20 thousand, and no time to protest. I can only pray to God to pardon these people who fleece the common man through dirty and dishonest schemes. -A.Q ANJUM, Lahore, September 26.