PUNE (India) The ICCs new law on toss will come into effect from October 1, said MCCs Media Officer Ms. Abi Carter on Monday. Speaking from London, she said, The new law 12.4 states that captains shall toss in the presence of one or both umpires - not earlier than 30 minutes, nor later than 15 minutes before the scheduled or any rescheduled time for the match to start. The winning captain will also have to immediately notify his/her counterpart of his decision to bat or field (previously he/she could wait until 10 minutes before the start of play before telling the opposition). The MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club) is the custodian of the laws of the game and the worlds highest governing body, the ICC has adopted the MCC laws. However, this particular law will not be honoured by the ICC, it was learnt here. At the two day seminar for umpires and referees in Dubai on September 1 & 2, a number of issues were discussed. The new changes to The Laws of Cricket were discussed, a Dubai-based source close to the process said. Law 12.4 will not be adopted for International Cricket although they do come into effect for all other levels of cricket from 1 October 2010, he said. Law 12.4 will now require the toss to be conducted in the presence of one or both umpires. However, in International Cricket the match referee is already present for the toss so requiring an umpire to also be there was deemed to be unnecessary. If the umpire attended instead of the referee...what else would the referee have left to do for the duration of the game?, he said. BIPIN DANI