LAHORE Engineers believe that the country can be saved from future floods only by constructing mega dams and the US is not allowing the government to build the water reservoir. It was observed at a seminar on 'Role of Engineers in Post Flood Reconstruction held at Lahore Chamber of Commerce here on Monday. Pakistan Engineers Forum organised the occasion. A speaker said Woodrow Wilson Report (US report) suggested the small dams for Pakistan but the ground reality is totally different. We need almost 700 small dams if we cannot build the mega ones, Engineer Ghalib Atta said and adding how ironically it was to construct small dams in such amount even having resources to construct mega dams to meet the countrys need. The mega dams could be constructed through our own resources, he added. They stressed on transparent procurement for sustainable construction in flooded areas. The engineers were also seeing Indian influence behind Anti-dams movement in Pakistan. The US wanted to keep Pakistan its consumer market and India to keep it barren while amid the situation our governments attitude was totally of criminal negligence towards water storage, they said. They further said the engineers of Pakistan was ready to start dams construction movement with slogan 'we will eat gross but we will build dams. Engineer Mazharul Islam said the country had adequate capacity with 1,20,000 professional engineers, 47,000 constructors and 1,000 engineering consultants to undertake the challenges of the post flood construction and the political leadership should have the political will to promote merit and good governance in all aspects of the procurement and follow the regulations prepared by Pakistan Engineering Council. The engineers demanded of the government to avoid nepotism and favouritism in awarding contract for construction. It was evident from leaking roof of the constructed buildings, flowing gutters of the sewage system, inundated roads etc that the construction of infrastructure by public money was not of desired quality while the need was to avoid such crimes in future, they urged upon the government. They said the country had various code of practice for architectural and engineering design and regulations for bidding and award of contract yet the people were deprived of having the quality construction.