KARACHI With the passing away of Fatehyab Ali Khan at the age of 74 here on late Sunday night, a leading figure of student politics during the volatile political era of 60s has come to an end. Born in Hyderabad Deccan in 1936, he was one of twelve student leaders who had opposed tooth and nail the countrys first military dictator General Ayub Khan. These leaders became such a big headache for the rulers that they ordered their expulsion from Karachi twice. During that era the student leaders like Fatehyab Ali Khan and his comrades Meraj Muhammad Khan and others were persecuted who believed in clean politics and were icon of democracy. They belonged to the left camp because at that time the right did not exist. Mr Khan and his colleagues in the students politics had huge following in the colleges and in the university of Karachi, which was the centre of all students politics. However, it was in Dow Medical College that for the first time the students politics of the left was born. Medical students like Dr Addeeb Rizvi and a number of his colleagues spearheaded the movement for the left and launched students into active politics. The movement of the left slowly spread out into other local colleges and finally reached at the doors of Karachi University. For over two decades, until the capital was shifted from Karachi, the students with left leaning called the shots and were looked upon with respect by political parties existing at that time. Ayub Khan was so sacred with the students politics that he tried to create rift in the movement by punishing the leaders, who remained steadfast to their cause and worked as bulwark against the dictatorial regime. He was first President of Students Union of Karachi University elected in 1962 following an amendment to its Constitution. He played a crucial role in reducing the three-year degree course to two years. He was also instrumental in reducing college and university fees. Later he became a lawyer. In 1964 elections, he supported Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah against General Ayub Khan. He also played an important role in Movement for Restoration of Democracy MRD against General Ziaul Haq. He was the President of Mazdoor Kissan Party. Fatehyab, who was admitted in hospital on September 23 after he suffered a heart attack, leaves behind a widow Dr Masuma Hasan and two sons. Namaz Janaza was offered at his KDA Scheme 1 residence where soyem will be held on Tuesday September 28 from Asr to Maghrib prayers.