LAHORE - Through a writ petition, Lahore High Court has been urged to recover over Rs256 billion loans which the influential persons got written off under political and other pressure from various banks over the last 40 years. The petition was filed by a citizen Imran Khan citing Federal Secretary for Finance and Revenue and the Governor State of Bank of Pakistan as respondents. According to the petitioner, scheduled and other commercial banks in the country over the last two years wrote off loans of various notable persons to the tune of Rs51 billion while the estimated amount of loans being waived off during the last 40 years is over Rs256 billion. The beneficiaries include industrialists, major companies, political and other persons who were in power during various times. In view of the petitioner, it was the responsibility of the Governor SBP to recover these loans and conduct inquiry if they were waived off. He prayed to the court to pass a direction to the Governor SBP to fulfil his legal obligations and responsibilities in this regard and highlight names of all those who took heavy loans from the banks and did not return. The petitioner further contends that the banks do not spare a small loan taker and follow recovery of the money from him till his death but they totally bypass those big fish which took huge loans and devoured them without bringing their act into notice of anyone. Pakistan is a poor country which is burdened with US$55 billion foreign debts for which it was annually paying US$2 billion as debt servicing. In this fragile economic condition, loans eaters should not be spared, he added.