AS so many had been predicting, if the Pakistani state did not delink itself from the misguided US 'war on terror, the US would eventually shift the centre of gravity of the war from Afghanistan to Pakistan and move militarily into Pakistani territory. This is exactly what is now happening. Already the US has been carrying out drone attacks against Pakistanis, killing thousands of innocent citizens in their wake and perhaps in the process a few militants also. Meanwhile, US covert operatives and Special Forces have spread themselves all over Pakistan and these revelations and warnings in the Pakistani media have been there for some time. Now the US has begun the next phase of its agenda targeting Pakistan and that is the aerial gunship attacks from across the Afghan border into Pakistan. On Friday NATO admitted that two gunship helicopters had entered Pakistan and killed 30 people euphemistically termed suspected militants just as Dr Aafia has been penalised for being a suspected terrorist Since the government of Pakistan has to its eternal shame, kept silent on this new military targeting of Pakistani citizens, NATO has undoubtedly become emboldened and on Monday two gunship helicopters again came into Pakistani territory and killed a few more citizens so far the tally is five killed in Kurram Agency. Accompanying this new upping of the military ante inside Pakistan, the US drone attacks continue with their frequency rising rapidly especially after Obamas coming to power in the US. Almost daily there are reports of 10 people or more killed by these unmanned drones as if Pakistani lives were worth nothing. Perhaps the US is right about this as far as Pakistani rulers are concerned since President Zardari is said to have told the CIA Chief that collateral damage from the drones was not an issue that bothered him Given the growing killing of Pakistanis by the US and NATO militaries, citizens of Pakistan have a right to ask what our military is doing in this regard? After all, our defence forces are meant to be protecting our borders and the Pakistani citizens from external military threats. Yet they are not only unable or unwilling to do so in the case of the NATO gunship helicopters, they are actually complicit in the US drone attacks if the US government officials statements are to be believed. This is truly condemnable and throws the purpose of the military and its defence budgets into question. If the Pakistan military is aiding in the killing of its citizens no matter how misguided or militant some may have become then who will the latter seek for their safety and protection? After all, if a citizen is guilty of militancy he must be punished according to the law not simply be allowed to become a sitting target for foreign forces. It is time the Pakistani nation demanded of its state that it provide protection not become a party to its killing.