GENEVA (AFP) The Organisation of the Islamic Conference on Monday asked the UN Human Rights Council to back a report which found clear evidence for legal action against Israel over its attack on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla. Pakistan introduced a resolution on behalf of the 57-member conference urging the council to endorse a report which found clear evidence to back prosecutions against Israel over its attack on the flotilla. The resolution, which would be voted on by the 47-member UN rights body, endorses the conclusions contained in the report and calls upon all parties to ensure their immediate implementation. The inquiry ordered by the council issued a damning report this month on actions taken by Israeli soldiers when they stormed ships carrying aid to Gaza in May. It found clear evidence to support prosecutions for crimes including wilful killing; torture or inhuman treatment; wilfully causing great suffering or serious injury to body or health. Nine Turkish nationals were killed in the incident and the report said that some were victims of actions consistent with ... summary execution. Israel had rejected the probe from the outset, but the inquiry urged the country to cooperate and to bring perpetrators of the crimes to justice. The resolution submitted by Pakistan also called on the UN General Assembly to consider the report.